What the pros are saying
Chet Haun

Chet Haun - Guitar Tech (Hoobastank, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash)
"What?...on the eighth day, the String Stretcha was made...? You guys have seriously made the best new product I have encountered as a tech!!!"

David 'Fozzy' Fosbinder

David "Fozzy" Fosbinder - Guitar Tech (The Offspring, Dead Sara)
"This is truly my new Favorite new tool! Don't leave home without it! Is it possible to get a couple more? Peace."

Nick Perri - Social Distortion

Nick Perri - Artist, Songwriter, Producer
Mount Holly, Perry Farrell, Silvertide
"I just sat down to change a set of strings on my guitar and I was shocked that the entire process from changing the strings to being tuned up and ready to go took less than 5 minutes! It's a great product. Easy to use, straightforward in it's design and concept, and it works just as described. It takes a boring and daunting process and gives it a breath of fresh air. Thanks to you a lot more musicians will be in tune out there on stages around the globe. Thanx for sending me one and best of luck to you and the String Stretcha!"

Mike Ness - Social Distortion

Mike Ness - Social Distortion
"Whip your strings into shape with the String Stretcha so they don't bend you Outta shape!"

Randy Bachman

Randy Bachman - Artist, Songwriter, and Producer
Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Bachman Cummings Band, Randy Bachman Band
"My Stretcha comes under the category of "Why didn't I think of that"! Its a great product and I use mine all the time. It stretches the string properly in intervals you just would do with your fingers. I love mine!"

Bobby Hambel

Bobby Hambel - Artist, Songwriter, and Producer
"I changed strings, used the Stretcha, tuned up and was able to record all night without having to break the strings in as usual. I will be using it on tour as well. I'm putting one in every guitar case! This thing rocks!"

Don Nemarnik - Guitar Tech

Don Nemarnik - Guitar Tech (Social Distortion)
"Thanks! This thing is GREAT!"

Toby Wright - Producer

Toby Wright - Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Alice in Chains, Biohazard, Korn, Primas, Slayer, Jerry Cantrell
"This thing is amazing. We strung up a couple of guitars,used the Stretcha on one guitar and it performed flawlessly staying in great tune. The other guitar needed constant attention to tuning. It really works GREAT JOB!"

Jimmy Bomann - Guitar Tech

Jimmy Bomann - Guitar Tech
Prince, Lou Reed, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd
"First off, why did I not think of this??? It takes my strings preparation down ALOT"!!! It doesn't do the FALSE string stretch that using your hands does. This does not warm up your string. I have used this on a few of my clients, such as Prince, Lou Reed,and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, ALL of which, are tone/tune freaks, and they ALL Love it...I now, simply take the strings outta the packaging, toss them into place, run the stretcher over them 3, maybe 4 times, and, WHA-LAA, done, and off to the stage."

Jonny 2Bags - Social Distortion

Jonny 2Bags - Social Distortion
"The String Stretcha is amazing! Just a couple of passes with it, and my guitar stays in tune perfectly!"

Tracy Longo - Guitar Tech

Tracy Longo - Guitar Tech
Jason Orme (Alanis Morisette), Scotty Morris (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), Martha Davis (The Motels), Dean Dinning & Todd Nichols (Toad the Wet Sprocket)
"Being a professional guitar tech and guitar player for over 30+ years, I was skeptical of a new string stretching device. So I tried this on my personal guitars first and was extremely pleased. I Play 8-38 gauge on my electrics and to stretch and make my guitar ready to go on stage in 10 minutes and stay in tune is amazing!! Great product!"

Corky James - One of the World's Top Session Guitarists

Corky James - One of the World's Top Session Guitarists
Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, LeAnn Rimes. Jordan Sparks
"I love playing a newly strung guitar, when it's in tune! and the "stretcha" really helps to achieve that goal quickly & easily. Now it's a "must have" tool both for live & in my studio. Great idea, great product, thanks!"

Cassell's Music

Cassell's Music
"We have been using the 'String Stretcha' in our guitar shop for over two weeks now. We have found it to be invaluable when restringing guitars and feel we have more satisfied customers due to it. It stretches-out new strings quickly and thoroughly resulting in strings which retain their tuning for hours and even days after being restrung. We highly recommend the 'String Stretcha' and believe no shop should be without one."

Jeff Silbar - Platinum Songwriter

Jeff Silbar - Platinum Songwriter ("Wind Beneath My Wings")
"This string strecha gadget works. It helps me stay in tune"

Tim Gibson Guitarsmith

Tim Gibson Guitarsmith - Martin, Taylor and many others
"I love this thing - not only does it work great but it saves me over a half-hour of time on each Floyd Rose set-up that I perform."

Tal Bachman

Tal Bachman - Singer-songwriter, musician
"String Stretcha is a great tool for anyone sick of struggling to keep an onstage guitar in tune. Highly recommended."

Jude Cole

Jude Cole - Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, manager (Lifehouse)
"The string stretcha is my favorite new device for guitar. I want to order 10 more to give to friends. It's genius and works perfect!It's seriously a must have for any guitarist or guitar tech."

Bruce Watson

Bruce Watson - Top LA session player (Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Colby Callait, BB King to name a few)
"I tried out one of your string stretchers and I LOVE IT! It used to take me a good half an hour to get strings properly stretched out so I could semi count on them staying in tune and still it would take another half hour of real playing before they'd settle in. Even then, sometimes a particular set of strings would just behave strangely but I wouldn't know that until I had to actually struggle through a session or a gig constantly chasing the tuning. NOW, with your string stretcher, the guitar is ready to play in about 2 minutes. This little piece of plastic has improved my musical life - instantly."


Ashes - Lead Guitarist (Static X, Wayne Static)
"One of my guitar techs introduced me to Stretcha, and I love it! Before I was having issues with my guitars not staying in tune, so I tried it, and ended-up using it for the whole first leg of our tour. It's an amazing product and can't wait to use it for the next leg. I'll do whatever I can to show the world your product, and I'm happy to be a part of the Stretcha family. Thank you so much!"

Chintan Chinnappa

Chintan Chinnappa - Inner Sanctum, India
"The Stretcha is truly a game changer! I have used it for a few weeks now and I don't see myself going on tour without it. No amount of the conventional string stretching can achieve the consistency that the Stretcha can."

Dane Poppin

Dane Poppin - Guitar Tech (Asking Alexandria, Alesana)
"String Stretcha has quickly become one of the most important tools in my tech box. When changing multiple guitar strings daily, it's important to have tools that help you speed up the process and String Stretcha has exceeded all expectations."

Glade Rasmussen

Glade Rasmussen - Guitar Tech (Chickenfoot) and proprietor of "Glade's World" Pro-Level Guitar Repair
"I just finished a North American Tour with Chickenfoot. I was the guitar tech for both Joe Satriani and Sammy Hagar. Joe had four locking tremolo JS signature guitars and a double neck 6 and 12 string. Sammy had a Les Paul and an Explorer. That's a lot of strings to change! After using the Stretcha in my shop with great results, it was a no brainer to take it on the road. It works! There were no complaints from either Joe or Sammy. It's great to be able to hand a freshly strung and in-tune guitar to these guys with confidence!"

Jesse Beltz

Jesse Beltz - Guitar Tech (Asking Alexandria, Powerman 5000)
"The String Stretcha does such an excellent job stretching out and making the string stretching process faster and easier. It's become such an important tool for me in making sure the guitars are in tune and ready to take a beating."

Scott Davis

Scott Davis - Guitar Tech (Guns N' Roses, Lifehouse, Sick Puppies, Sevendust, Cavo, Blue October)
"I LOVE your product! I look after 13 guitars, everyone of them used during the show. So, I have a LOT of string changing and stretching to do. My hands used to get raw from stretching strings. With Stretcha, all the guitars stay in better tune than ever before with no more sore hands. I've noticed the biggest improvement with the Bigsby bridge guitars. They stay in better tune than I've ever heard them! Thank you so much for sending me such a great product"

Rudy Leiren

Rudy Leiren - Guitar Tech (Van Halen, Motley Crue, Iglesias, Ted Nugent, Bee Cake, Matthew Morrison)
"The String Stretcha is the single most important tool in my tech-box. It makes changing strings something I actually look forward to in my day, and it has given me time back for the other things in my own world."

Christine Wu

Christine Wu - Violinist, Cellist, Composer (David Foster, American Idol, AR Rahman World Tour)
"String Stretcha is AWESOME! Honestly, I was like 'yeah right, sure...these strings on my violin are gonna stay in tune after only a 2 minute massage when normally they suck for 2 days!' Well, they totally DID stay in tune! I'll be damned!"

Jason Lancaster

Jason Lancaster - Guitar Tech (North Mississippi Allstars)
"The day I got Stretcha I laid out all of my guitars to polish, restring and intonate. The tool works great and it saves my hands on show days when I have 8 or more guitars to do."

HooGie J Donais

HooGie J Donais - Stage Right Guitar & Bass Tech (Lamb of God)
"Stretcha has really helped me save time in my day, doing the job right the 1st time with no second-guessing. How have I ever lived without this? Night after night of stretching guitar strings for Willie Adler, it's guaranteed "stage right" of LAMB OF GOD will not be going out of tune!"

Chris Kodjamanis

Chris Kodjamanis - Guitar Tech (Magnum, Uriah Heap, Bonny Tyler, Kim Wilde)
"I have just used Stretcha it on a guitar here in the studio and it works great! Really quick and easy, this will help a lot on tour. It's a great product!"